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Join the movement for sustainable water solutions: Call for proposals is opened!

May 23 2024
Water Wise Societies program, part of the broader Impact Innovation initiative by the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, and Vinnova, offers an opportunity to contribute to a systemic shift in sustainable water management. This call for proposal is aimed at diverse stakeholders from various sectors and organizations who are eager to collaborate on impactful projects that […]

Clean wastewater for food production – a globally unique method

May 17 2024
The partnership between Optima Planta and the Unity4Water project exemplifies the potent synergy that arises when academic rigor converges with industrial acumen.  In the realm of scientific exploration, partnerships often pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and innovative solutions. Optima Planta, rooted in the esteemed Uppsala University and SLU, has embraced this ethos through its […]

A holistic approach to problem-solving

May 14 2024
In the pursuit of Unity4Water, lies a partnership between BioTech Heights, Tetra Pak, and Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH), each bringing unique expertise and technological solutions to address complex challenges.  – In this regard, we are particularly experts in the different types of separation processes needed to ensure the quality of the water that […]

Utilizing the resources in wastewater

May 2 2024
Mälarenergi and Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö is pivotal partners in the Unity4Water project, focusing on research concerning wastewater and nutrient recycling. Let’s delve into the specifics of their roles and the promising outlook for the future of sustainable water management. Mälarenergi has a rich experience in collaborations regarding various research projects, such as utilizing sludge […]

Minimization of water usage and the environmental footprint of food production 

April 24 2024
In an effort to revolutionize water management and food production, Unity4Water has partnered with Swegreen, a leader in controlled-environment vertical farming, modern agriculture and sustainable engineering.  – Mälardalen University and Swegreen are establishing a research facility at the university’s campus with vertical farming units from Swegreen. These units are multifunctional and unlock a huge potential […]

EU’s new water policy and how it connects to Unity4Water

April 17 2024
Europe faces persistent water challenges and increased water stress due to environmental pollution, climate change, heightened demand, and overexploitation from water-intensive sectors. During this mandate period, EU institutions have reviewed current water legislation to strengthen and modernize its application, addressing water pollutants such as medicines, microplastics, and PFAs. How can Unity4Water contribute? As Europe prepares […]

Using co-operations for complex challenges

April 5 2024
One of the endeavors in the Unity4Water project, stands Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö (EEM), being both a reference organization and a key financial supporter. We met up with Anna Bogren, supervisor for processes and technology water production at EEM and asked her about EEM’s role in this water project. As a reference organization and a […]

Siemens role in the Unity4Water-project

April 3 2024
In the pursuit of sustainable water management and agricultural practices, the Unity4Water project stands as a prime example of collaboration and innovation. Siemens is one of the contributors and has its expertise in electrification, automation, and digitalization. But what exactly is Siemens’ role in this transformative endeavor, and how do they coordinate efforts with other […]

Re-thinking the way we use water

March 28 2024
As the global population burgeons, the pressure on water resources intensifies, especially within the realm of agriculture. The spearheading project Unity4Water is now pioneering towards innovative strategies to combat water scarcity while fostering sustainable food production practices. Through a blend of cutting-edge technology and collaborative efforts, this initiative aims to revolutionize the landscape of water […]