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A holistic approach to problem-solving

May 14 2024

In the pursuit of Unity4Water, lies a partnership between BioTech Heights, Tetra Pak, and Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH), each bringing unique expertise and technological solutions to address complex challenges. 

РIn this regard, we are particularly experts in the different types of separation processes needed to ensure the quality of the water that can be recirculated in food processes or used for irrigation, says Ola Wallberg, professor at Lund University. 

While the project is still in its infancy, the combined expertise of these partners promises groundbreaking solutions. Access to diverse competencies from Lund University and Tetra Pak’s extensive development organization facilitates a holistic approach to problem-solving, ensuring that technical and regulatory challenges are met with innovative solutions.

Open-access scientific publications

The dissemination of results and knowledge derived from the Unity4Water project is vital for fostering innovation and sustainable development globally. Lund University’s commitment to open-access scientific publications ensures that findings are widely accessible, driving further research and innovation. Additionally, Tetra Pak leverages its global network to incorporate project insights into its products, promoting sustainable water management practices worldwide.

Can Unity4Water be implemented in other contexts to promote sustainable water management and food production globally?

– It depends on the complexity of the system being developed and where you want the technology to be implemented. A fully deployed system has a high level of technology in its components and will require trained personnel to manage it, which may hinder large-scale deployment, says Ola Wallberg.

In conclusion, the Unity4Water project exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in addressing complex sustainability challenges. Through the concerted efforts of BioTech Heights, Tetra Pak, LTH, and other partners, the project is poised to revolutionize water management and food production practices, paving the way for a more sustainable future.