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In this project, our efforts will be organized into distinct clusters, each focusing on specific areas. The proposed names, as well as the focal points and leaders of these clusters, are outlined below. This structure allows for targeted collaboration and efficient progress towards our collective goals. If you possess expertise in a particular area and are interested in working with us, we welcome you to contact us and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Cluster 1 – Food production, indoor farm, showcase 

  • Leader: Jan Skvaril, with support from Ryan Merckel and Mikhail Popov
  • Partners: MDU, RISE, Swegreen, Direct Carbon, Siemens, Agtira, Optima Planta, Granfeldtsgården, ICA Focus Göteborg, Tornby ICA Maxi Linköping, Wisegate Global Food parks
  • Demonstration of MDU’s experimental infrastructure
  • Features of vertical/indoor farming setups, including nutrient management systems and controls
  • Future potential implementation of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
  • Integration and installation of sensors
  • Planning and performance of experiments – DoE, 

Cluster 2 – Nutrient and resource recovery 

  • Leader: Ryan Merckel, with support from Yahya Jani, Jan Skvaril
  • Partners: MDU, Mälarenergi, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, PBS generation, Lund University/Biotech heights, Chalmers, Toppfrys
  • Installation and eventual development of infrastructure for nutrient/energy recovery, including (N, P, K, C etc.)
  • Water sanitation technologies, bioavailability testing

Cluster 3 – Data mining and digitalization

  • Leader: Mikhail Popov, with support from Jan Skvaril
  • Partners: RISE, Sensative, Codon consulting, Nornio AB, Siemens, 
  • Close link to Cluster 1 where infrastructure is built
  • Planning and performance for experiments – DoE, electronic nose integration
  • All from data analysis to actionable results, including AI and ML algorithm implementation.

Cluster 4 – Water quality monitoring, utilization and pollution control 

  • Leader: MiUN, Anders Jonsson and Sharon Maes, Henrik Haller Involvement from MDU: Yahya (PhD on PFAS) and Jan (PhD on measurements)
  • Partners: MiUN, MDU, PBS generation, Stiftelsen Chalmers Industriteknik, Toppfrys, Lund University/Biotech heights, Tetrapak, Mälarenergi, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, 
  • Defining what are important water qualities to be measured, bioavailability of harmful substances
  • Development of measurement methods for water quality characterization

Cluster 5 – Techno-economic feasibility, LCA, commercialization

  • Leader: Yahya Jani, support from RISE, Ryan Merckel and Jan Skvaril
  • Partners: MDU, RISE, Wisegate Global Food parks, , ICA Focus Göteborg, Tornby ICA Maxi Linköping,
  • Techno-economic analysis of the concept 
  • Feasibility studies of different sub-systems – sensors, RAS etc.
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Environmental and health risk assessment
  • Commercialization of the developed technologies and business models.

Cluster 6 – Unity4 Water internationalization and industry installation

  • Leader: Monica Odlare, with support from Cluster 1 + Cluster 2 leaders
  • Partners: MDU, Texas State University, Cypress Environmental Laboratory – Wichita Falls
  • Installation in Wichita Falls Texas and at industries.

Cluster 7 – Future vision and interdisciplinary strategies for research and education

  • Leader: MDU, Input from all the clusters
  • Partners: MDU, All interested partners
  • Health and nutritional optimization
  • Development of interdisciplinary research and education, Education of new generations at MDU
  • Robotics, Space agriculture technologies etc.
  • Future cutting-edge technologies

Cluster 8 – Dissemination of results, influencing

  • Leader: RISE, support from MDU communication.
  • Partners: MDU – scientific dissemination, RISE, MDU students,
  • Webpage, social media, interviews in newspapers, radios and TVs

Cluster 9 – Social aspects 

  • Leader: MDU
  • Partners: MDU
  • Social aspects of introducing water reuse for food production, paradigm shift

Cluster 10 – Project management and communication

  • Leader: Monica Odlare at MDU and Malin Rosqvist RISE, technical aspects at MDU Jan Skvaril
  • Partners: MDU, RISE