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Utilizing the resources in wastewater

May 2 2024

Mälarenergi and Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö is pivotal partners in the Unity4Water project, focusing on research concerning wastewater and nutrient recycling. Let’s delve into the specifics of their roles and the promising outlook for the future of sustainable water management.

Mälarenergi has a rich experience in collaborations regarding various research projects, such as utilizing sludge and wastewater from the Västerås treatment plant. Their contributions lay the foundation for achieving the Unity4Water’s overarching goals.

– This is in line with our objectives. For example, wastewater contains finite resources, nitrogen and phosphorus. By extracting and returning these substances to productive land, we contribute to closing cycles and the circular transition, from all sustainability perspectives. The social perspective is challenging; the transition requires changes in conditions, policies, regulations and behaviour, says Andreas Nilsson, process engineer at Mälarenergi. 

The significance of converting industrial process water and wastewater into valuable resources for food production cannot be overstated, both from a sustainability standpoint and for socio-economic reasons. Within the project framework, advanced monitoring and optimization techniques play a pivotal role in water usage and crop growth. Collaboration with other stakeholders, particularly Mälardalens University – who is the project leader for Unity4Water, facilitates the integration of cutting-edge technology and socio-scientific aspects to realize desired outcomes. Such synergies between academia, industry, and public sectors foster innovation and holistic problem-solving approaches.

– Looking ahead, the potential impact of Unity4Water transcends the confines of the project itself. The novel methods for nutrient recycling and heightened awareness of sustainability imperatives within the water sector are poised to catalyze long-term improvements, concludes Andreas Nilsson.

In essence, Unity4Water exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change for a sustainable future.